27 best learning resources for developers, designers and makers

Learning Lab

Learn anything in one month alongside your day job

Super Undesigner
Super Undesigner

Learn Anything

A platform for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic through the most efficient paths

Interneting is hard

A friendly web development tutorial for complete beginners

30 seconds of code

Short code snippets for all your development needs

JavaScript in 14 minutes

Learn the basics of JavaScript in 14 minutes

30 Seconds of Code

A curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

CSS Battle

CSS code-golfing is here! Use your CSS skills to replicate targets with smallest possible code.

Good Brief

Randomly generate smart design briefs to practice your design skills, get content for your portfolio and gain experience working off a real design brief.


Practice logo design using randomly generated client briefs

Sharpen.design Generator

Over 5 million possible design prompts to challenge you to think outside the box.


List of everything you would learn in design school



Learn which UI/UX patterns are better than others, GoodUI current version is not free anymore, so this link is a cached old version of it.

Relearn CSS layout

How to build any layout with CSS


Building Beautiful UIs

A free resource that lets you master the fundamental principles of user interface design


BEM Cheat Sheet

A visual tool that provides naming-suggestions for CSS classes using BEM naming convention.


Database schema templates

Collection of real world database schemas from open-source packages and real-world apps that you can use as inspiration when architecting your app.


Takeaways from the best books, for free.


You donโ€™t need a degree to make change happen


iOS vs. Android App UI Design: The Complete Guide

omprehensive visual guide on how to design for both iOS 13/iPhone and Android 10 (Material Design). Includes sections on navigation, UI controls, typography, and other platform standards.

How I Structure My CSS

An article that shares best practices to structure CSS with SCSS



Complete interview preparation guide


Architecture Playbook

The Open Architecture Playbook. Use it to create better and faster (IT)Architectures. OSS Tools, templates and more for solving IT problems using real open architecture tools that work!


Web Development for Beginners

24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer (by Microsoft)


Learn the fundamentals of UX & UI Design, including design laws and principles, visual design, and design processes.

UI Coach

UI Design challenge generator, Become a better UI designer at your own Pace


The worldโ€™s best professional platform to assess, learn, and showcase your UX/UI design skills.

Built for Mars

A collection of UX case studies